WDeck Pusher

WDeck Pusher is a push notifications server script with which you can manage your site push notifications subscribers and messages.

Push notifications are messages that you sent directly from your server to your subscriber desktop or phone, even if they are not on your site.

Push notifications have a higher CTR than emails, usually between 15% and 20%. In the desktop they show up in the bottom right and look like this:


  • Support for push notifications in Chrome (desktop and mobile) and Firefox (desktop and mobile).
  • Test message option to preview the message before sending it.
  • Option to track clicks and see stats to see which push notifications are more effective with your subscribers.

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Username: admin
Password: 1234

There are some functions disabled in the demo. To test the actual notification:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Test Account Setup
  • Save
  • Go to New Message and generate a test message


1- PHP 5.6+

2- SSL Certificate for the domain on which you host the script. Also SSL certificate for each site on which you want to display push notifications


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